Lawn care services, Tampa

I'm Bill Wibbe, and I want you to have a perfect lawn.

Here’s how I go about it..

I’m fanatic about the quality of your cut. A good lawn service is like a good barber.  I replace my mower blades with sharpened blades every 75 cuts. Most services go at least 150 cuts before changing blades, some even longer. 

Do your neighbors have ruts in their yard? That’s because somebody has been driving the same pattern on their lawns every single week. I change my pattern each week to alleviate this problem. I also cross-cut regularly. I don’t know of anybody else who does that.

Edging & Trimming

Let’s talk edging. This is one of the most important keys to getting a perfect lawn. The edge should be angled open in the growing season and kept a little tighter in the cold seasons.

Trimming is an art. I trim hedges, palms and trees. Some customers prefer to do this themselves to lower their monthly fee. Others have me trim as part of my complete monthly service. Still others pay per trim request and pay that separately. Either way, make no mistake, this is a critical part of your overall ‘curb appeal’, and I take it very seriously.

Flowerbed Trimming & Weed Spraying

Flowerbed trimming removes dead and dying plants and foliage, as well as any weeds that have sprung up in your flowerbed. It’s a great way to keep your garden looking tidy.

Weed spraying is the process of using herbicides to prevent weeds from growing in your flowerbeds.

Line Trimming, Blowing & Cleanup

While line trimming or “weed eating” around the house is a relatively easy task, many “crew” companies rush this part of the job. They cut too close near the house and leave the yard looking scalped. I pay a little extra attention to detail and it pays off big, with a smooth, lush cut.

Finally, blowing and clean up are also relatively easy tasks but many services rush through, leaving too much grass in the edges while others blow a lot of grass in the street and neighbors driveways. Not good for neighborhood relations, is it? The extra time I spend will again show you the difference.

Wood Chip Installation

I offer wood chip installation services from October to May.

Wood chips are an excellent way to keep your landscape looking beautiful all year long. They provide a natural mulch that adds nutrients to the soil, helps retain moisture, and prevents weeds from growing.