Mowing: Mowing is not just about driving around a machine, it is about much more. First I replace my mower blades with sharpened blades every 75 cuts. Most services go a minimum of 150 cuts before changing blades, some even longer. Also you have seen services leave ruts from continually driving the same pattern every single week on your lawn. I always change may pattern each week to alleviate this problem. Also I’m the only service I have seen that cross cuts regularly.

Edging: This here is one of the most important keys to getting a perfect lawn. The edge should be angled open in the growing season and kept a little tighter in the cold seasons.

Trimming: I trim hedges, palms and trees. Some customers prefer to do this them selves to lower their monthly fee. Others have me trim as part of my complete monthly service. Still others pay per trim request and pay that separately. Either way, make no mistake, this is a critical part of your overall 'curb appeal', and I take it very seriously.

Line Trimming: Line trimming is done with a “weed eater” around the house. While this is a relatively easy task, many “crew” companies often rush this part of the job and cut much lower by the house for some reason, probably to expedite the work. Again here just a little more attention to detail pays off very big, as you will see with my work.

Blowing and Clean up: This again is a relatively easy task but many services leave too much grass in the “edges” for my tastes and still others blow a lot of grass in the street and neighbors driveways. Needless to say, not good for neighborhood relations, is it? The extra time I spend will again show you the difference.


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